An Interesting Home Office Table

Here, I will introduce you an interesting home office table.

The name is as feminine as the table, Stiletto from Splinter Works is a wonderful home office table inspired by the sexy design of heels. This stylish table has a super-high heel as one of its legs, handmade out of solid stacked walnut. The underside of the piece is finished in polished red acrylic. The tabletop is available in a selection of French Burr Walnut veneer or inlaid leather dressing up its curved top that extends downward to serve as the table’s 2nd leg. Built-in drawers are lined with high-end red nubuck leather interiors, and from the exterior are conveniently hidden with no hardware to clutter the minimalist, modern look. The fun, super stylish home office table is truly something different. Custom finishes as well as sizes are available to suit any space.


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