The ultimate self-adjusting office chair

The ultimate self-adjusting office chairThis ultimate self-adjusting office chair reduces pressure on the discs in the lower back. It was made in 1994 by Nick Kaloterakis.

Peter Hall, on Pop Science's website, writes about this seat's ability to overcome the human tendency towards laziness. See, In theory, the Aeron could be equally ergonomic - if only people adjusted the chair's settings every time they shifted. This chair, which I believe to be a concept, has panels that auto adjust to your every shift like a scale sinking to your weight.

The bar has been raised. And won't be topped until someone makes a chair version of a waterbed with magic fingers. "Geek inventors, the world is waiting with eagerness." Brian Lam said.

Multifunctional Office Table by Smith Interiors

This is a SM101 SKOVBY multi function table. It can be used as an extra table for guests table, or you can use it as a counter in your office when no guests are around. This Multi-Function Table is 70" long when open, 43" when one leaf is up, or 15.75" when used closed as a sideboard or counter. Leaves are built with hydraulics for easy lifting and the center contains storage with wire shelving built in. Even better, the center has a top that flips from wood to metal for putting hot plates on!

It clearly demonstrates Skovby’s commitment to design as well as function. The side storage, reversible table top, and double drop leaf design make it the perfect solution for any office space.

Smith Interiors Ltd. was formed in May 1997 and is a combination of the former Bronson Interiors Ltd. and Seymour D. Smith Inc. We are direct importers of contemporary Scandinavian, Italian, German, and French furniture and accessories that combine good design and quality craftsmanship. We offer everyday low prices both in our 10,000s/f showroom and on our website, and we offer delivery or shipping anywhere in the country.

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