Executive office furniture set

Here, I will bring you a simple style Executive office furniture set produced by Bene.

Executive offices appeal thanks to their restrained elegance and clear lines. They represent corporate culture and express individual style. As communicative hubs they indicate openness and welcome staff.

The P2_Group executive furniture line creates a work environment with clear shapes that helps to see things distinctly and recognise what is important; embodied in its self-evident design: linear shapes, squares, rectangles, cubes, and the golden section. Shapes that have been omnipresent in the culture of mankind come to the fore in Bene’s P2_Group executive furniture program.

P2_Group. A furnishing concept that creates a contemporary feel through the combination of colours, veneers, glass, aluminium and glossy surfaces. A furniture line that provides an integrated design concept by featuring tables, accessory furniture and wall elements.

Good design does not only embody the concept, its combination with precision detailing is just as essential. Quality becomes apparent in the soft closing aluminium drawers lined with leather, the premium plug boxes, the perfectly accessible cable management and the surface and material finishes. Technical highlights are height-adjustable tables and LEDs flush mounted with shelves.

P2_Group. An executive furniture line by Bene that features minimalist design, emphasising functionality. Perfect integration of modern media and presentation technology. P2_Group distinguishes itself by its clear design, elegance and an exclusive mix of colours, surfaces and materials. Reduced to the essential.

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