Here, a good product for white collar

Maybe, lots of white collar are troubled with office disease such as lumbaginous, fatness and so on. Here, there is a good news I bring to them. A chair designed to solve these problems now has been introduced to the customers.

The usual office chair keeps you firmly in your place, While this office chair can offers a healthy degree of freedom allowing the user to sway, tilt and even bounce away at will – the result being described as ‘sitting in motion’. And, far from being just plain fun, in offering such freedom of movement, the office Chair actually serves to promote a healthier posture and wholly eliminate muscles cramps that are so often associated with sitting in moulded, restricted seating for extended periods.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the office chair is hardly cheap in retailing for around $619 a pop, but we don’t doubt that it offers a wholly liberating experience to truly savour.

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