Laptop Stand from Homestyles

Laptop Stand from Homestyles5974-18 Laptop Stand from Homestyles

It has these features:

1) Sturdy steel frame, black base

2) Both sides of stand top are adjustable to a variety of angle

3) Frame adjusts up and down

4) Lap Top Computer Stand in Oak and Black Finish

5) Laminate over engineered wood top

6) Easy glide casters

Home Styles imports and markets an extensive line of RTA, casual lifestyle furniture.

Unlike most RTA manufacturers, Home Styles utilizes solid hardwood construction
for stability and durability. Their product engineers take great pride in designing
furniture that is fashionable and functional, as well as easy to assemble.


  1. adjustable laptop stand
    The Crane Stand’s unique design makes it the best laptop stand for reducing health problems related to laptop use. Due its unique design incorporating high quality aluminum tensioning knobs, the stand can be easily locked into place in an infinite number of positions, making the workspace completely customizable depending on how high or low a user sits, or in whatever position is most comfortable. Multiple configurations allow for the Crane Stand to be used in a standing or sitting position, allowing the stand to go from the office to the workshop floor with ease.

  2. ergonomic laptop stand

    When time spent at a computer is added to time spent sitting in front of TV or other sedentary activities, posture problems like forward head and rounded shoulders develop to persistent musculoskeletal problems like neck and shoulder tensions, tension headaches and repetitive stress injuries. Our bodies are not given enough time to recover from the stress caused by prolonged immobility.
    ergonomic laptop stand