About Ergonomic Office Furniture: Office Table

About Ergonomic Office TableOffice ergonomics deserves to be treated separately from general (industrial) ergonomics. The principles are the same, but there are so many subtle differences and different products that it's best to specialize.

Ergonomic table was born with the beginning of the human science “Ergonomics”. The main goal of the ergonomic computer table is to provide proper adjustments for the placement of the elements in order to provide maximum comfort to the user.

The ergonomic table is a modern table, which provides good comfortable postures to handle things at the workstation. These ergonomic tables provide a solution to the Repetitive strain injury and Carpal tunnel syndrome. An ergonomic table is the important thing to be considered for setting up a home office to a corporate office.

Ergonomic table should be at same distance from your eyes as to the monitor to avoid the frequent changes of focus and you should be able you to look from one to the other without moving your neck or back. It should support the document holder. Place the phone on the side of your non-dominant hand.

The Position your table lamp on the ergonomic table should be so that it illuminates source documents without causing either glare on the computer screen or direct illumination to your eyes. It should be stable and adjustable. A document holder should be used if documents are referred to during keying.

The area underneath the ergonomic table should always be clean/uncluttered to accommodate the user’s legs and allow for stretching. The work surface should have a matte finish to minimize glare or reflections. A footrest should be used if, after adjusting the height of the chair, feet do not rest flat on the floor.

The ergonomic computer table should be able to adjust the height and angle of the keyboard tray, monitor shelf and other elements. The tabletop should be organized so that frequently used objects are close to the user to avoid excessive extended reaching. If a fixed-height table is used, add a keyboard tray that adjusts vertically to provide added adjustability.

Here is an excellent site collects and publishes some "handouts" that have been used widely in training courses for office workers and ergonomists and health care professionals who work with office workers. The handouts have received good reviews with respect to their clarity, objectivity, and scientific basis. Some have been published in slightly different form in book chapters and manuals.

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